June 5, 2020 Message from Fr. Joe

  • Congratulations to the seventeen students who have completed their course of studies at St. Mary’s School and who have now graduated.  Congratulations also to their parents and other family members.
  • Alvina Lensmire and Ken Ahrens, two of our fine parish members, have died.  May the promise of eternal life with God be their reward. 
  • Many felt grief and anger over the death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.  The way in which he was killed has caught the attention of the entire nation.  His words of “I can’t breathe” have echoed this past week in many locations and remind us that  some badly needed reforms must occur.  The policemen involved have been charged and due process under the law will occur.  Unfortunately, similar situations have taken place  in the past where excessive force was used against black Americans.  The sadness of how he died has been compounded when peaceful protests devolved into violence.  The destruction of property by looting and arson and the injuries that have occurred, even fatalities, continue to wound our nation.  Thankfully, there are many people of good will who have seized this moment to call us to ethical responsibility.  In this Year of Saint Joseph that is taking place right now here in the Diocese of La Crosse, may I suggest that we call upon Saint Joseph as an intercessor for justice.  Saint Joseph was called the “just man,” and more than ever we need justice for all.  The Catholic Church stands for justice – and so as Catholics we seek justice and we seek the truth of Jesus Christ. 
  • We celebrated Mass last weekend with the restrictions and precautions in place.  We have a fine crew who made sure that all the conditions were met.  Special thanks to Mike Sweno who accepted the task of being our parish “compliance manager” and who makes sure that we are complying with all of the requirements for us to celebrate Mass publicly.  For the time being there will be three times when Sunday Mass is offered.  Because of the extra Mass there should be no problem with accommodating all who come.  However, I again want to remind those who are “at risk” with regard to health or those who have any illness to please remain at home.  The Mass will continue to be videotaped on Saturday and made available on the parish website for those who wish to view the Mass that way. 
  • Thanks goes to the members of the Knights of Columbus who assisted the cemetery committee with the upkeep of the cemetery last weekend.       
  • Finally, June is traditionally the month devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Here is the prayer that concludes the Litany in honor of the Sacred Heart:



Father, we rejoice in the gifts of love we have received from the heart of Jesus your Son.  Open our hearts to share his life and continue to bless us with his love.  We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord.