Religious Education

Classes for Religious Education are during the regular school year on Wednesday evenings from 5:45-7:00pm. Classes are held at St. Mary's school for grades K-8.

Our Staff:
Steve Kreager, Interim Religious Ed. Coordinator
Jennifer Switlick, Religious Ed. Administrative Assistant

Phone:  715-443-2433



FORMED     Through the kindness of generous donors our parishioners can now access a Catholic website called FORMED. It contains a variety of good Catholic content to help nurture our faith. You will find movies, children’s programs, as well as topics that you can listen to or read about. In a word – the program is excellent. In order to access the program the following steps are required:

1.  Click the link above

2.  Click on: sign up  

3.  Click on: I belong to a Parish  

4.  In the search box, type: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary  

5.  Click on: Nativity of the Bless Virgin Mary, Marathon City 

6.  Click on: Next 

7.  Type in your full name and email  

8.  Click on: sign up