October 1, 2020 From Fr. Joe

Earlier today some pastors and other church leaders met with the Lieutenant Governor to discuss the increasing number of COVID-19 cases that are occurring in Wisconsin.  A dramatic increase of cases have been occurring in the past several days here in North Central Wisconsin.  Where there had been some reduction of restrictions in past weeks, the restrictions are once again becoming a bit more stringent.  

One of the mitigation strategies has been the wearing of a face covering.  The Governor has requested that the face covering continue until the latter part of November. 

In light of the sharp increase of cases and the rising number of deaths in our state due to COVID,  I want to strongly encourage the use of face coverings when participating at Mass here at St. Mary’s.  At the same time, we need to be prudent.  The Governor indicated in his initial statement that those with health situations that prohibit the use of face coverings are exempt, as are church leaders when in their leadership capacity in a church service.

Given the pros and cons of wearing a face covering, I would rather be on the side of caution and prevention.  Therefore, I am encouraging the wearing of a face covering with the reason being that it may help to protect life and prevent the spread of the virus.  Further, those with compromised health as well as the elderly who are more vulnerable to the virus are reminded that sheltering at home is still the safest option.

Let’s continue to pray for those who are affected by the virus and for those working to curb its effects.  May God bless us.