UPDATED Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do we have to wear masks at Mass? 

    • No, it is not required.  It is still recommended but it will be your choice.
    • If you have a mask already and wish to use it for Mass, please bring it along.
    • Otherwise, masks will be available.  The parish has purchased some masks.
    • If you take a mask from the church, please keep it for when you return to church.

2.  How will we be signing in? UPDATED

    • When you come into church you will register before going to your pew.   

3.  What if the maximum number of people are already in church when I get there?

    • If you arrive after the maximum capacity has been filled, you may wait if you wish for the following Mass.  But remember, at this point the dispensation from attending Sunday Mass is still in effect.  

4.  What about my desire to receive Holy Communion on the tongue rather than in the hand?

    • Although the strong recommendation is for us to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion in our hands, some still prefer to receive on the tongue.  According to the guidelines given to us, this is still permitted.  Those wishing to receive on the tongue will do so in the way that has been customary here at St. Mary’s.
    • Also, for those who receive in the hand, no gloves should be worn when receiving the consecrated host.

5.  How will we know where to sit in church?

    • For the present we will ask you to fill in from the front of the church to the back.  Those who enter the church first will sit in the front pews, etc.  Families can sit together.  Otherwise, social distancing should be followed.  We will try to utilize the church in the best way possible to allow for the maximum number of people at the Mass.

6. What about blessing the children during the reception of Holy Communion?

    • For the present, children will not receive a blessing.  The less physical contact during this time, the better.